Jared Halley is a musician/producer from Columbus, Ohio who is best known for the content that he creates on YouTube.  From a very young age, Jared has always had a passion for creating and loves inspiring others through music.  He feels it is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with one another. 

 Jared is one of a select few solo artist who produces music using only his voice and mouth.  Jared learns and performs each individual singing part,  then adds percussion elements (beatbox, stomps, claps, etc) and mixes it all together to form an a cappella masterpiece -- doing all of this as a one-man-band!  He also creates what he likes to call "hybrid a cappella" where he will use an instrument or two in the song  (piano, acoustic guitar), but still includes elements of acapella (beatboxing, claps, snaps, stomps, harmonies, etc).  Jared has a subscriber following that is extremely loyal and constantly growing with a channel that has over 20 million views!             

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