Wanna support my art? Besides buying or streaming my music, here are some additional options:

*Patreon: this is a way for you to help support me on a more regular basis. It's nice for me because then I don't have to guess where my next paycheck is coming from. Plus as a patron you get some fun little rewards and perks that I don't release to the public! To learn more go to:  

*Personal Tip Jar: If you'd rather make a one time donation here and there, which is also very helpful, you can send me a tip either through PayPal or Venmo

Where your money goes: I want to be as upfront and honest as possible with you when it comes to this because I value your investment in having said that, your donations and/or pledges will help out with three things.  

1) Pay my bills and remove the worry of where my next paycheck is coming from.    
2) Enlist the help of other professionals to outsource some of my production work. Not that I don't love every aspect of it, but it's nice to get a little bit of assistance every now and then when I'm in a time crunch :) Especially when it comes to editing, mixing, and mastering my bigger acapella medleys.
3) Help me expand my following as an online musician through ads and other online resources.